Boating in Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour is a beautiful part of the world and what better way to see it then by boat. With so many sights to see, coves to explore, and beaches to visit it’s no wonder that Sydneysiders are rushing to get out boating in Sydney Harbour.

Boating in Sydney Harbour

Get a piece of the Action

To get a piece of the boating action you need a boat. There are a few options with this. First, you could consider buying your boat outright. Second, you can hire a boat when you need it. Third, you can own a boat through syndication with Bayside Boat Share.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how you get access to a boat. Whether you own outright, hire or decide to go through a boat syndicate the lifestyle that comes with boating is unparalleled.

Places to Visit in Sydney harbour

If you have a boat for a day in Sydney harbour you’re spoilt for choice. There are plenty of things to do in Sydney Harbour. Here is a list of top activities if you have a boat.

Visit the Fish markets for Lunch

Head on under the Anzac Bridge and pull up to the wharf for lunch. There are plenty of spots here for everyone and you can enjoy a nice seafood meal in style.

Swimming at Balmoral Beach

There’s nothing like going to the beach on a bright sunny day. Balmoral beach offers sheltered waters with plenty of eateries around. Great for the whole family to enjoy.

Tour the Heads

If you’re feeling adventurous and it’s a calm day then poke the nose of your boat outside the Sydney Harbour heads and cruise up alongside the towering cliffs of Vaucluse.
Watersports in Middle Harbour

The quiet waterways past the Spit Bridge make for an excellent place to get some watersports action on. Explosives Reserve has some of the quietest.

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