Additional Training

New to boating, need a boat licence or want a little extra confidence in boat handling? Bayside Boat Share has options to show you the ropes and gain boating experience.

Is this something for you?

The purchase of a new Boat Share already comes with a half day orientation session which is generally better suited to people who already have basic boating experience but for extra confidence why not consider an extra half day of training.

New to boating and need log book signed

A half day training session is enough to complete the requirements set out by the Boating Licence Practical Handbook. This is the best place to get stared if you’re new to boating and by the end of the session you can have your log book signed off.

Fine tune your existing skills

If you haven’t done much boating in a while you’re probably going to be feeling a little rusty. Let us help you fine tune your skills and get your confidence levels right up.


An additional half day of training will cost $295

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