How Bayside Boat Share Works

There are lots of advantages of owning a boat through Bayside Boat Share and it's a simple and easy concept to understand. If you're new to the idea of shared boat ownership then this is the best place to start.

Buy a Share
To buy a a boat share there there are two prices to consider: The price to purchase a share in the boat which makes you an owner and the monthly maintenance fee which contributes to the day to day runnings of the boat.

Buy your Boat Share

Boat Share Orientation Training and Experience

Get Training
Before being able to use the boat on your own there will be a half day orientation where you’ll be shown the ropes. If you don't already have prior boating experience then we can organise some additional training for you.

Using your boat
As an owner of the boat share, you are now entitled to use the boat. Taking it out is easy! There's just a few simple steps you need to follow.

Schedule - Calendar

1. Schedule

Use the online calendar booking system to book in your time

Pick Up - Map Location

2. Pick Up

The boat will be ready waiting for you for the time you've booked

Use The Boat - Boat

3. Enjoy

Experience the happiness of care free boating

Drop Off - Lock

4. Drop Off

Fuel up, throw away rubbish and bring it back

Annual Boat Owner Meeting
Every year there is an optional owners' meeting where the Professional Boat Manager gives a rundown of the boat activities for the past year. Owners can also share their experiences or make any recommendations on how to get the most out of the boat share.

Boat Share Annual Boat Owner Meetings

Sell your Boat Share

Sell your Share
Choose to sell your share at any time, either privately or through Bayside Boat Share. At the end of the boat ownership term the boat gets sold and the proceeds from the sale are divided up among the owners.

Take the Plunge – First Steps
To find out more click on Learn More or get in contact with us for a water test and information pack.

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